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Welcome to the group! I'm Mary, your lovely moderator, and I am so excited to have started this community!

I want to share the true message of tolerance. Tolerance does not mean shutting up other religions; it merely means that we get along and we are friends despite our different beliefs.

Icons are a popular way to show one's feelings about something. Religion is something many people feel strongly about, and I want people to come together and share a passion of making icons for their religions.

All who join will be welcome to share their icons for their religion. There are many parallels between religions and things that we can all grasp from all religions and put to our own lives. By doing so, we learn tolerance and love for others.

Through this community, I hope to create some stability between religions instead of the hatred that seems to be wedged between some of us.

That being said, I do not want to see any hate icons. I do not want to see negative icons towards any religion. Go ahead and make humorous icons about one's religion, but do not make it derogatory.

For example, I'm LDS... in slang, that would be a mormon. I don't want to see anti-mormon icons. That isn't nice to anyone and doesn't show your religion in a nice light. I don't want to see anti-pagan, anti-christian, anti-jewish, anti-islam.. or anti-anything. This isn't an "anti" community. This is a "pro" community.

So come... share! Be friends.
Feel free to explain what significance goes into your icons, as long as it's under a cut. If you have more than 4 icons, please put those under a cut.

Play nice! Have fun!
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