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LJ Icons celebrating Pope John Paul II

Skip the next paragraph if you don't want to read my rambling and are just looking for the icons.

I'm very conflicted in my feelings right now.  Half of me wants to keep hoping for a miracle, hoping that the Pope will recover.  The other half of me knows that he has accepted death and is on his way out of this world of sadness and illness to rest with God.  Rationally, it seems like its only a matter of time before he goes, but I still don't want to believe it.  But if he can face possible death with such faith and dignity, I feel badly that I'm unable to face losing our Pope in the same way.  I'm not sure any of this makes sense, I'm really emotional this morning.  Its funny; I've never met the Pope, or even seen him in person, but I feel like I know him well.  Whenever I've had doubts about God or my religion, the state of the Catholic Church and of the world, etc., all I had to do was look at his serene loving face and I knew that God exists.  He's been the Pope my entire life, and its something I took for granted.  Now I can't help but wonder if I'll have the same confidence in and love for a new Pope.  But whether I do or don't, I know in my heart that Pope John Paul II is special, and that I'm blessed to have been alive during his papacy.

Anyway, there are 6 icons located on my webpage here: That's a direct link to a blank page with nothing but the icons, so don't worry about loading times.  I'm sorry that I can't give you a preview, but my user icon is one of them. 

Please take them and use them; it helped me feel a bit better to make them, and I want to spread that around.  And please comment if you do take them, I'd like to talk to people about the Pope's illness because people should stick together at times like this.  I'd also love to know if the icons mean anything to you, because they mean a lot to me (although that's probably because I made them - it was really a labor of love, and it did me a lot of good to think about the Pope and what he meant to me while I did it.)

Crossposted quite a bit because I want to share these with as many people as possible... Sorry, I but think most people will understand.

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