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*prods* POST ICONS PEOPLE! :D Don't be hesitant. :D This is an "active" community... not a "moderator only posts" community. :D
My 3 new religious icons for your viewing pleasure...
1. 2. 3.

Icon 1)
The significance of this icon is that we believe families can be together forever by obeying the word of God and doing the things it requires us to do. For a covenant is a promise between two people promising to both do something. If one person does not follow through, neither will the other. So we believe that if we can follow through on the convenants of the Lord, he will bless us with the promises in the covenants we made with Him. Eternal life and forever families are just two of those promises.

Icon 2)
I'm sure many of you have heard about Joseph Smith. The picture is a popular one in the LDS Church. It is a painting of the First Vision that we have faith really happened. If you want to learn more about the First Vision, I suggest going to, which is how it is described by Joseph Smith, Jr. himself. :D And FYI, we do not worship Joseph Smith. We honor him as we would honor any prophet or elder. We are very thankful for him, but we do not worship him. Yeah, we have hymns about him, but that is because he is the first of the Latter Day Prophets and we are so glad that the Lord chose such a good man for the job of restoring the gospel. :D

Icon 3)
This is a general icon. Many religions and moral systems can use this, but it seems that it is mainly used by LDS people. CTR is a very common phrase in my church. It came before WWJD, but can be used for any religion unlike WWJD. :D We may sometimes disagree on what is right, but it is a good reminder to do what is right. :D
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