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Religious Icons

Bringing Tolerance through Iconing

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This is an icon where we can share religous icons.
However, I want this to be a religious icon group for all religions. Be you catholic, christian, buddhist, islamic, jewish, or pagan... you are welcomed here.

1) NO HATE ICONS - If you're christian, don't post anti-jewish/pagan icons. If you're pagan, don't post anti-christian icons. That is not acceptable. This is an open group for all religions.
2) Don't hate on those who post icons of different religions. Be happy for them that they have something to stand for!
3) Don't bring POLITICS into this. No icons on political issues will be accepted.
4) This community is so that we can share symbols and love for each other's beliefs.
5) Please feel free to give me links to other communities with religious icons of sorts, so people who wish to be specific may get into them.
6) Post positive icons.
7) Post appropiate icons! No nudity or blood'ish stuff.

It's fun to learn about other's religions, and learn where they're coming from. This community will strive to build bridges between the religious sects by bringing common fun (making icons) together with beliefs. It's really amazing how many things religions have in common with each other.